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“…I have the impression that you have created a masterpiece…this comes of course as no surprise since it is situated in Athens and created in Greece.”

François Mitterand On Megaron, 1993

Megaron’s aesthetics put it firmly in a class of its own. The international conference centre offers not only a stunning environment, exceptional aesthetics, and cutting edge technology but also unrivalled client service.

What’s more, with a year round world-class performing arts programme, our clients are able to offer their delegates an unforgettable experience. We have been hosting world-class opera, dance, classical music, jazz and other performing arts events since the original centre opened in 1991. And to great international critical acclaim.
Performing arts events in Megaron
This allows you to incorporate culture into your programme or your supporting social programme, without having to go more than a few steps away

A unique venue, in a unique city, offering a unique experience.